Let’s Finally END Hunger, Poverty, War, and Climate Catastrophe

Because we CAN… and because we’ll PROFIT!

Two decades into the 21st century, there’s no longer any reason to put up with these deep and lasting miseries. We’re better than that! Isn’t it time we turn hunger and poverty into sufficiency…war and violence into peace…and catastrophic climate change into planetary balance.

The good news: we have the technology and the know-how, and we’ve had it for years.
The even better news: using the profit motive, business can get it done—even if the “experts” tell us it’s impossible.


  • Helping business identify profit opportunities in going green, incorporating social change, and addressing these issues
  • Turning these commitments into marketing advantages
  • Providing ways for others to get involved in your favorite causes
  • Creating/increasing excitement among employees, public, and the press

Training • Presentations • Marketing Strategy • Opportunity and Profitability Analysis • Copywriting

Watch the 15-minute TED Talk,
“Impossible is a Dare: Business for a Better World”

Nominate A Project!

Would You Like To See People In The Business Community Join With You On Your Favorite Project To Turn Hunger And Poverty Into Sufficiency…War Into Peace…Or Catastrophic Climate Change Into Planetary Balance?
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Isn’t it time we put our shining human brilliance, our unending creativity, and our boundless compassion into (nonviolently) shattering the shackles of human misery, once and for all?

To put it another way, here’s my challenge to you: help create a legacy of peace and prosperity for all, on a sustainable planet. Isn’t this what you really want to be remembered for?

Why I Started Business for a Better World

One Friday in November, 1999, our local paper had a Page 1 story about a developer’s plan to desecrate the sacred mountain in my neighborhood with 40 trophy homes (“McMansions”) going up to the ridge line.
And all the “experts“ were saying, “Oh, this is terrible, but there’s nothing we can do.“

That’s when I channeled my outrage into action—because I knew there was plenty we could do…

Get the Help You Need
(with Your Marketing/Your Social Change Work/Your Profitability)

Are you part of an eco-friendly organization, or one that wants to reach the green market? Do you struggle to find the right messaging? Are you missing out on the largest markets for green products or services? Do you resort to motivating through guilt, fear, or shame, and wonder why it isn’t working so well?

Stop struggling! Get help from an expert.

Get Involved! Nominate a Project

Help the cause most dear to your heart by harnessing the resources of the business community. Nominate a project that relates to solving one or more of those great big issues listed above and give others a chance to plug in.

Watch Shel Horowitz’s TED Talk, “Impossible is a Dare: Business For a Better World”

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